Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Post

Original Idea,

Thought about creating a realistic environment to fit a scary theme.

Going with a jail scene.

Maybe it will be a shot from the characters POV as he walks through the jail.

The camera would move with his foot steps.

Will post a detailed story and idea soon.


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  1. Some thoughts here...

    The multiple posts are a bit confusing. Has the idea evolved to a room and a hallway with a narrative as opposed to just the model? I think that is fine (if I am reading it right). If its a narrative (with dialogue), here is what I'd like to see for next week's post...

    1) A storyboard for the short (which I think should be around 1 minute in length (could be a little over or under). There won't be any animation, so the length will dictated more by the dialogue. The timing will probably be slower leading up to the point where the cell slams shut... So, figure out exactly what the dialogue is and the pacing you want (then we'll see how long it is).

    2) Post the actual reference images (not just the links). That way, we can see them all together. (Escape from Alcatraz with Clint Eastwood would be a good one to watch...)

    3) I would add one model to your list of things to be modelled. I think there should be an est shot outside the jail. So, would be nice to have an exterior shot. If its a truck in / dolly in on the building, only need to detail two sides of the exterior of the building. Not actually moving into building, so model doesn't have to work on the inside, just a facade... then, you cross dissolve inside. But, seeing the outside I think sets the stage before we move to the interior.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing next week's post.