Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st weekly post - Reference and Idea: Ideas


Ok, so my idea was to model a prison and have some kind of camera movement in that prison.

I've thought it over; I don't think I will be able to model and ENTIRE prison photo realistically. I am kind of second guessing myself on doing a room photo realistically. But I want to try and give it my all, this is my major. If I can do this well enough it will be great work for my portfolio.

I thought about just modeling a few simple but not so simple rooms. The camera, like we discussed in class, will be from a POV of a person.

I can't decide, but it sounds like it won't be too much extra effort. However, I thought about adding voice, the dialogue would be simple. The main character would just have breathing sounds, but there will be this other "voice" in the clip. Maybe?

I put timing right before each thing, so you can kinda tell how long things will progress
- Story

(0 seconds)The camera walks through a doorway into a old 14th century dungeon/prison.
`` needs to be important that the camera isn't just moving. You should be able to feel the footsteps as the camera moves.
The camera walks forward and looks around what appears to be an old office like setting, but it's in ruin.. old wooden furniture is destroyed. The ancient stone bricked walls are crumbling and falling apart. Debris is scattered across the hall.
The camera continues walking, casually glancing to the left and right.
(12 seconds)"You won't be able to find her.. *small laughter*"
The camera is startled. Quick glances to the left and right, then focuses on the hall way entrance in front. The camera dashes forward
(13 seconds)"I wouldn't go that way.." the voice continued.
The camera is now breathing heavily, half out of breath, half scared shitless with the mysterious voice.
The camera gets to the end of the hall. There are two directions, left leads to a door and right leads to a hall that continues further.
The camera looks left and then right. Then back left again.
(14 seconds)"No.. no.. don't go that way.. don't go that way.. don't go that way. Don't go that way!!"
The voice repeats this and each time gets faster and angrier.
(19 seconds)With a sudden jolt the camera runs forward in the left direction for the open door which leads to another room.
The room is full of cells and the camera stops to look around, out of breath. Noticing it to be a dead end. But then a pool of blood(or something) catches the cameras attention.
"Oh.. hehehehe, seems you have found her... but, now who is going to find you!!! *maniac sinister laughter*"
The camera quickly turns around for the open door, but the door slams shut
A lound CLANK is heard when the giant metal door is shut. The lights quickly flicker on and off and then stays black
(30 seconds)

too ambitious?

- Thoughts

In total, I will be modeling one room, one hall way, and one room full of cells.

Seems manageable to me, i think. I really want to do an amazing job, I need this to be portfolio worthy.

I talked to Ryan and he said he would be willing to help if I have questions, which I'm bound to have.

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