Sunday, February 22, 2009

3rd Weekly Post: Urgent Care

I can understand the demand for a strong conceptual idea of what I set out to do, but I am not a very good concept artist. It's unfortunate because I really am interested in that type of art.

So I beg, I need to start modeling this project. If I don't start soon: I'm going not be able to finish it. The modeling, texturing, and lighting can be a demanding load when I have even more projects to do for other classes. And as I said before, I want to make this a great project.

So I was wondering if I can post every week some props that I have modeled. 4-5 props every week sounds manageable. These props include torture devices, falling rubble, pillars, chains, doors, and windows. I can post a rendered image. It won't be textured, just modeled. Once everything is modeled, I can then texture it accordingly. Once things are textured I can then do the scene layout and finally the lighting and animation.

Here are a list of props I can think of I'll need:
Torch holders
One Lit Torch
Fallen wooden beams
Pillars x 4
Broken wood
Hanging Cage
Torture Devices:
thumb screws
sharp picks
sharp clamps
scourging tools

That sounds like a good list, I want it to be creepy, but then not extremely cluttered.

I've been thinking about what you said, have obstacles in the characters way.. it shouldn't just be a straight shot. Which I can agree on. Tripping over things, and running into beams and rubble sounds like a nice idea. I could have cages and things also blocking his way.

The next post is strictly reference images..

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  1. Correct. I think it will be cool to see obstacles in his way that he has to move through, but you need to know what all that stuff is exactly. Break the list into things that need to be modelled more carefully b/c we'll see them up close and personal in the piece. there could be another level of lower quality models b/c we see them from far away or only for a split sec in animatic and would be better for you to spend your time elsewhere.

    If you think concept art is an area you struggle with, then this is the OPPORTUNITY to work on it :-) Perfect place to spend 1 more week working on it. We will be into production very soon. Go ahead and begin to model a few of the things on your list that you know you will need, but we need to come up with an example (a kind of frame grab/ scene setup) of what this film will look like. What do the walls look like? the ground? The lighting? If you can model a shot and set this all up, great. If not, you'll need to do some concept art. If you feel like you can't get the look you have in your head down on paper, here is a suggestion... Hook up with someone you can collaborate with over the weekend who might be able to help you rough some stuff out. It is VERY rare that we create films in vacuum. They are almost always collaborations in some way or another. Go ahead and work with someone to come up with a sketch or two to demonstrate what this film/ environment will look like. Use all the reference you have here, but what will YOUR film look like?

    SO... for next week, let's see that concept art. I would say, at least two images (two distinct areas in this prison, areas that are somewhat different from each other so you are working out those different areas). If you have three distinct areas/ sections of the film, model/ pre-viz those sections of the film (one image for each).

    If you think you have a weak area, then let's push through it. Find a way to make it work... collaborate with someone, 'borrow' images/ mash up an image that you will try to match the look of... Let's see what you come up with for next week.

    Let me know if you have any questions.