Monday, February 23, 2009

3rd Weekly Post: Extreme rough pass

This is the extreme rough pass I did for my animation. It looks like a shitty old PC game, but it might help give an idea. The wall that moves infront of the camera at the end is suppose to be a door.

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  1. I like how you split up the posts so I could comment on them separately. As far as the movie/ animatic goes, decent start. The movement of the camera is too fast... Think about Blair Witch Project and the sections in there where the camera gets pulled around so fast (or a home video, where the camera is jerked around quickly)... that tends to be hard to watch at best or make you sick (at its worst). So... the ones where the camera looks back and forth down the hall... Have the camera look one way (hold), then the other way (hold), then go back the other direction and start to move (simplify the camera moves... don't need to go back and forth three times... just one cycle). We can work on the moves after things are modelled, but you do need to keep in mind where things will be so you can plan the modelling (the time you will spend on it) to work with the movement of the camera. Don't want to spend a ton of time on things that won't be seen in the animatic (got a good use of time). So, let's talk about your modelling list (see next comment)...