Sunday, March 1, 2009

4th Weekly Post: Modeled Images

I did a few basic models this week. To tell the truth, I did these because I was finishing my computer animation 1 environment model on the same week. Now that my model is pretty much finished, I can devote all my modeling time on this project, oppose to dividing my effort between the two.

Next week I want to model dungeon door, cell door, another door that's placed in the environment, the door that leads to the jail cells, and wall torches. I'm going to try and even model more, but I'm not sure how long the doors will take, because the camera will definitely see them in detail, so I want them to be beautiful. I'd really like to get my environment walls and floors modeled as well. I plan on asking my teacher the best way to model these on Tuesday.


Old Rusty Spear

Column Choices ( I can't decide on something)



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